Samand Satrap

Samand Satrap Co. is going to present the last internal and external models with best quality and the most suitable prices by using it's own experiences about providing and distributing office needs archive and stationary produced by poly propilen (P.P.).
Products given by this company, with the high quality, beauty, different patterns use in all managing levels, personel, archive, eductional, gifts, advertising and so on can be print and provide user's ideas.

In addition, this Company can provide user's needs in the following fields:

  • All kind of polypropilen in diffrent colors, dimentions and thicks.
  • Ordering all kind of printing of four simple colors and three dimentional (3D) on polypropilen papers.
  • All transparent and colorful roll papers P.V.C. .
  • All kind of things related to producing of stationary products (P.P.).
  • All ordered goods special based on customer's proposal.